• custom exhaust decatur il

    Custom Exhaust, Reliable Maintenance & Dealer Service without the Dealer Price!

    tire sales decatur illinois

    Custom Exhaust, Reliable Maintenance & Dealer Service without the Dealer Price!

    auto repair decatur il

    Custom Exhaust, Reliable Maintenance & Dealer Service without the Dealer Price!

  • brake repair decatur illinois

    Whether you can hear them from a mile away or you don’t even notice they’re there, it’s time to trust your brake repair and brake replacement to the local auto pros at Creekmur!

  • wheel alignments decatur il

    Does your ride seem a little off? Call for wheel alignment services for smoother driving, increased fuel efficiency, better handling, and a host of other benefits!

  • electrical repairs decatur il

    From lights that won’t light to a radio that won’t play, we provide electrical repairs to all parts of your vehicle including alternators, batteries, starters, lights, and more!

  • alternator testing decatur il

    When you notice flickering lights, an engine that won’t start or even a dead battery, make sure you contact our staff to have your alternator inspected and tested.

  • battery recharging decatur illinois

    Your car’s battery should last about 4 years. Creekmur provides battery recharging and battery replacement services for all makes and models of any vehicle!

  • starter inspection decatur il

    Can’t get your vehicle to turn over, but the lights and radio work? It could be your starter – contact our staff for an inspection of your vehicle and get the repairs that you need!

  • radiator problems decatur il

    Has your engine been running hot? It could be a problem with your radiator. Don’t wait – get an inspection to resolve this problem before it costs you even more money!

  • air conditioning system service decatur illinois

    When your car bakes in the hot sun, it can take forever to cool back down. Make sure your air conditioning system is up to snuff before the hot summer season!

  • tire mounting decatur il

    From tire mounting and routine rotations to wheel alignment, balancing, and even pressure-monitoring systems, it’s good to know the local tire pros for all your needs!

  • engine misfires decatur illinois

    Your fuel injection system delivers the perfect amount of air and fuel to your engine. Without this system, you could have a misfiring engine that could cause even more problems.

  • front end work decatur il

    From an annual tune-up to a major engine overhaul, we offer knowledgeable and trained technicians that use state-of-the-art equipment to get your ride running!

  • suspension systems decatur il

    Ride feel a little bumpy? A little loose? It may be time to replace shocks, struts, or springs. Contact our staff for an inspection of your suspension system!

  • fuel injection systems decatur illinois

    Oxygen sensors help the fuel injection system regulate the amount of air that’s mixed with the fuel. A faulty O2 Sensor can spell trouble for your engine.

  • catalytic converters decatur il

    Your catalytic converter is the component that converts harmful gasses into less harmful gasses before being emitted into the atmosphere. Many vehicles won’t pass emissions without this!

  • fuel pumps decatur illinois

    The fuel pump works to ensure the pressure is right to create the combustion needed to power the engine. While some cars don’t need it, it can cause serious problems when malfunctioning.

  • water pumps decatur illinois

    The water pump helps keep the engine cool by maintaining a steady supply of coolant. Without this, your engine will overheat, leaving you stranded!

  • intake manifold problems decatur il

    Need a new intake manifold? Problems with an existing manifold? Call our staff to diagnose and repair your engine issues involving intake manifolds!

  • tune-ups decatur illinois

    Car running a bit slow? Idling weird? Bring your vehicle into Creekmur for a vehicle tune-up that will inspect all major parts of your vehicle to ensure a car that runs better!

  • tire rotations decatur il

    Do you know the wonders that regular tire maintenance can do for your car? Call for tire rotations and balancing that improve MPGs, decrease tire wear and more!

  • preventative maintenance decatur il

    From tire rotations to oil changes and more, it’s important to have your vehicle serviced regularly to avoid some of the most common car problems!

  • oil changes decatur illinois

    This is the most important routine maintenance task you can have done to your vehicle. It helps extend the life of your engine and, in turn, the life of your vehicle!

  • check engine light decatur il

    Has your check engine light come on? Bring it into Creekmur for a complete diagnosis and the fast repairs that you need to get back on the road!

  • windshield wiper blade replacement decatur il

    It’s dangerous to drive with windshield wipers or power windows that aren’t working. Protect yourself and your passengers by coming in for quick repairs!

  • freon recharging decatur illinois

    One of the most common problems with auto air conditioning is a lack of coolant. We provide affordable Freon recharge service so you can stay cool while you drive!

  • custom exhaust decatur illinois

    Looking to add a custom exhaust to your vehicle? Contact our staff about the installation of mufflers, catalytic converters, and other exhaust components – we do factory & after-market parts!

  • custom mufflers decatur il

    Give your ride a unique look and an even more unique sound with custom mufflers that are sure to announce your presence with authority.

  • Where Decatur takes their Cars for Auto Repair & Maintenance

    Car makin’ funny noises? It’s probably time to make an appointment with your local auto repair specialists to ensure the fast service that you deserve. At Creekmur Car Care, we provide a variety of auto services to those in Decatur Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, trust that we understand just how important our cars are to keeping up with everyday life. That’s why we’re here - to offer professional repairs and dealer service without the dealer price. Established in 1948, we use our years of experience to ensure the best possible service for every customer that we serve. Call today to get started by scheduling a service appointment!

    Decatur IL’s Automotive Service Specialists

    Those in the Decatur Illinois area know it’s us to call for all their auto repair needs. We offer a trained and friendly staff that provides auto repair service to all makes and models of any vehicle including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and more. Additionally, we take pride in being a one-stop-shop for auto service, and we offer a wide variety of services. Contact us to schedule an appointment for:

  • • Tires
    • Brakes
    • Struts
    • Shocks
    • Suspension
    • Wheel Alignment

  • • Tire Rotation
    • Tire Balancing
    • Auto Electrical
    • Starters
    • Alternators
    • Batteries

  • • Radiators
    • Auto Air Conditioning
    • Fuel Injection Systems
    • Oxygen Sensors
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Preventative Maintenance

  • • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
    • Custom Exhaust
    • Mufflers
    • Headers
    • Check Engine Light
    • More…